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What We Offer

Depending on your brand’s digital marketing maturity and requirements, we will be happy to partner through these models

Advisory Services

Collaborate with us to build a robust 360° digital marketing strategy that enhances your brand value and drives business outcomes.

This will also involve assessing your digital marketing maturity and existing digital marketing assets to create a customized strategy for your brand.

  • In-depth interviews with stakeholders
  • Assessment of the brand’s digital touchpoints
  • Crafting a customized cross-channel digital strategy
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What kinds of organizations is this offering suited for?2021-12-14T09:18:11+00:00

This partnership model is best suited for young organizations that are looking for experienced counsel to help evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their digital platforms and marketing approach.

Does Digicated work on projects or long-term partnerships?2021-12-14T09:17:33+00:00

Digicated works on both short-term consulting projects and long-term retainer partnerships to help brands achieve their business goals via a 360° digital marketing strategy. The minimum duration of a project should be three months so that the brand can implement the developed approach and witness tangible results. 

What is the extent of Digicated’s involvement as an advisor?2021-12-14T09:16:52+00:00

Digicated will serve as an expert advisor to counsel the organization on its existing digital marketing practices, identify areas for growth and improvements and work with the brand to formulate a renewed approach. However, Digicated will not manage the implementation or execution of this digital marketing strategy. 


What is the value exchange for Digicated?2021-12-14T09:16:14+00:00

Digicated will offer a complete array of digital marketing expertise in exchange for a predefined project or retainer fee. This fee will be determined based on the duration and scope of the partnership.

What does a brand get as part of advisory services?2021-12-14T09:15:54+00:00

Digicated’s advisory services will comprise an in-depth review of your brand’s digital marketing maturity and existing digital assets before building a cross-platform digital marketing strategy that will improve your brand presence and drive business outcomes. This will be a 360° digital marketing approach that covers both paid and organic spheres of digital marketing.

What sectors and stages of firms does Digicated partner with?2022-04-29T16:24:53+00:00

At the outset, we aim to work with start-ups and digital-first businesses whose values and aspirations we align with. Our goal is to help young brands grow their businesses and unleash their full potential through improved digital marketing maturity.

What are the exclusions from the ‘skin in the game’ model of operating?2021-12-14T09:22:25+00:00

Unlike other interpretations of the ‘skin in the game’ model, Digicated will not make any monetary investments but offer our complete range of services and digital marketing expertise to the organizations we partner with.

What does Digicated expect in this partnership from the brand?2022-04-29T16:23:38+00:00

We aim to partner with organizations whose values and growth aspirations we align with in exchange for ownership and revenue share. Digicated will serve as the organization’s digital architect and work with its leaders to drive user acquisition and revenue by building a strong digital marketing presence for the brand.

What does a brand get from Digicated with this partnership?2021-12-14T09:20:01+00:00

The ‘skin in the game’ model entails a long-term partnership with Digicated that will give you access to our best-in-class digital marketing expertise and serve to accelerate the business growth of your organization. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your brand’s digital platforms and presence and then work with you to build a robust cross-platform digital marketing strategy that effectively ties in paid and organic approaches. These partnerships are formulated based on a shared vision for the brand and Digicated will be extensively involved in defining the brand’s digital journey and shaping its growth.

Skin In The Game

In line with the ‘skin in the game’ philosophy, we aim to partner with organizations whose values and growth aspirations we align with in exchange for equity and revenue share.

These long-term partnerships are built on a shared vision to drive value through digital maturity. We will work side by side with you and bring our best-in-class digital marketing expertise to catalyse your brand’s growth and create a competitive edge.

  • Crafting a customized cross-channel digital strategy
  • Monitoring competition & developing cutting-edge martech
  • Owning KPIs & supporting implementation to drive business impact
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Education Offering

Improve your digital marketing quotient with our educational offering.

These workshops and upcoming online courses will give you a nuanced understanding of digital marketing and demonstrate how you can grow your brand digitally. We also offer bespoke digital marketing workshops for your organization or institute.

  • Build a digital marketing foundation
  • Menu of topics available under Assets, Acquisition, and Audience
  • Customizable offerings to suit your learning requirements
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Who are Digicated’s education programs best suited for?2022-04-29T16:21:10+00:00

Digicated’s courses are designed for students, professionals, and CXOs looking to upskill or improve their understanding of the various aspects of digital marketing. These paid, customized, online and in-person workshops and modules are suited for educational institutes and organizations catering to their specific digital marketing needs.

Are the online courses done in partnership with any educational institution?2021-12-14T09:24:56+00:00

No, these courses are built independently based on learnings and insights from our founder Abhinav Chetan’s experience of working with Google for over a decade and also teaching in some of the top B-schools in India such as MICA, ISB, IIM-A / B, MDI, IIIT, and many others.

What is the value exchange for Digicated?2022-04-29T13:03:59+00:00

These in-depth and customized education modules are offered to cohorts for specialized learning on digital marketing. These bespoke workshops are chargeable and are conducted on a mutually agreed fee.

Can Digicated customize an education module or workshop based on my requirements?2021-12-14T09:24:07+00:00

Yes, we also curate bespoke in-person workshops for educational institutes and organizations that cater to specific aspects of digital marketing based on their requirements.

What does Digicated’s education offering include?2022-04-29T16:19:00+00:00

Digicated offers bespoke, customized, digital marketing education workshops for institutions and corporates spread across modules addressing a brand’s digital marketing journey across assets, acquisition, and audience. It gives learners a comprehensive understanding of various digital platforms and tools and how they can be leveraged from a paid and organic perspective.

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